Credits & Resources

This page lists down all the possible resources to make Stack better and useful to its users. Without them/these, this project would still be a dream for me. So, let us all thank everyone for their contributions!


  • Aki
  • Email:
  • GitHub:
  • Twitter:
  • Contributors

  • Caitlin
  • Rheanna
  • Taty
  • Credits

  • Calico (for the online TCG concept)
  • Amanda (original MyTCG script and ideas)
  • Script Resources

  • Rizu (simple automatic game updater)
  • Nina (melting pot and card claim scripts)
  • Christina (broadcast news system)
  • Game Resources

  • In the Cards (password gates and slots)
  • Taty (puzzle and memory)
  • Mike McGrath (black jack)
  • The Javascript Source (coin flip, jan-ken-pon)
  • Flooble (peeptin, toggler)
  • Torben Wolf (reaction)
  • Cory Fogliani (tic tac toe)
  • No Starch Press (treasure hunt)
  • ShuvoRim (country guessing game)