Stack 1.1.3 Release

Release Date: 2022-02-26
Download File: Full Install (ZIP)
Upgrade File: Conversion (ZIP)
File Size: 2.28 MB

Stack 1.1.3 bug-fixes and improvement:

  • Fixed minor bug of viewing statistics from Delta theme’s sidebar
  • Fixed major bug on shop’s adding a new category feature to add catalog’s ID
  • Fixed major bug on adding a new member from the admin panel
  • Updated the collaboration/themed deck game for both image and text type
  • Updated join form to show set name instead of set ID (must be manually changed to categories if sets are not available)
  • Added card count to settings database
  • Added direct RSS feed through the admin panel for recent updates and releases
  • Added export and flush functions for activity and trade logs as flat text files
  • Added version notice if user have the latest script installed or not

If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: