Stack 1.1.0 [Beta] Release

Release Date: 2022-01-24
Download File: Full Install (ZIP)
Upgrade File: Conversion (ZIP)
File Size: 1.11 MB

Stack 1.1.0 [Beta] bug-fixes and improvement:

  • Script has been reconstructed to separate sub pages from parent pages (more files, easy to track)
  • Added game_type column to the tcg_games table
  • Fixed viewing of specific and all categories from the admin panel
  • Fixed prejoin claims/donations list from prejoin.php and cards.php files
  • Fixed bug on donated decks set that shows as integers
  • Fixed release pull bug, changing tcg_blog to tcg_post
  • Fixed minor bug on sidebar’s new releases image list
  • Fixed bug on email update/change, destroying old email session and changing it to the new one
  • Fixed minor bug on edit/email affiliates
  • Fixed bug on active decks Withhold function
  • Fixed bug on rewards, now showing rewards text under rewards images
  • Removed item SKU generator from the shoppe
  • Added add a set/series field on prejoin and regular deck claim forms if set/series doesn’t exist on the current list
  • Added a Starter Pack and Starter Pack Bonus generator for TCG owners
  • Added the Member Deck feature
  • Added the new generic theme Gamma
  • Key Notices:

    Most of the parent pages have commented lines about how to use a specific line of code or sub pages. Please make sure to check them first! If they are unclear, then feel free to ask away on Stack’s Discord server.

    An example of a commented instruction can be found on the shoppe.php page from the main TCG page like the one below.
    # If you are going to add a shop catalog other than the three above,
    # you will have to create your own catalog page under the /shoppe folder.
    # If this catalog doesn't include cards, use the merchandise.php template.
    # Otherwise, use the card-packs.php template.
    # Make sure the $page string is the same as your shop slug from the shop_catalog table.

    If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: