Stack 1.0.5 [Delta] Release

Release Date: 2021-12-20
Download File: Full Install (ZIP)
Upgrade File: Conversion (ZIP)
File Size: 946.00 KB

Stack 1.0.5 [Delta] bug-fixes and improvement:

  • Fixed bug on database importation file
  • Fixed bug on sidebar and member footer files to show proper statistics
  • Fixed sets URL to reflect the actual set name instead of set ID
  • Updated birthday field on join form
  • Starter pack can now be seen listed on the log text after submitting the join form
  • Changed dynamic link from action to trace from class.admin.php
  • Added post type page when editing a page content
  • Fixed member approval ID from admin panel
  • Added reactivate trace from admin panel for Inactive/Hiatus member
  • Updated the link to add a new user level
  • Updated coffee, monochrome and general CSS files from the admin theme
  • Fixed $player string on count class file
  • Fixed $Puzzle bug from the puzzle JS files
  • Fixed password hash bug from the add member administration
  • Updated master card display from account and card files to check if a master card have the -master post-fix or none
  • Updated $timechk string from the games.php file to only look for the YEAR and MONTH
  • Fixed deck claims bug from the services.php file to only look for the user’s MONTH donation count
  • Fixed bug from the edit upcoming page
  • Fixed bug from the missing values of member roles from the edit members page
  • Modified the content fields of page, post, and cards to remove the <br /> tags when editing. You can now use the Enter button for new line breaks.
  • Fixed the null category bug from the edit released page as the string is different from the SQL query process
  • Fixed old structure of prejoin.php file to the new one
  • Fixed calendar timezone bug
  • Updated tcg_timezone table from the database
  • Fixed bug on the upcoming-vote.php file to show the actual upcoming decks from available sets
  • If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: