Stack 1.0.0 [Beta] Release

Release Date: 2021-12-13
Download File: Full Install (ZIP)
Upgrade File: Conversion (ZIP)
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Stack 1.0.0 [Beta] bug-fixes and improvement:

  • Added mass option to most of the content in the admin panel (e.g. mass delete, mass approve, etc.)
  • Moved independent pages to their supposed mother files as sub pages in the admin panel (e.g. Wishes section is now under the Members page)
  • Added shop administration in the admin panel for TCGs with various shop items
  • Added special mastery services for event and member cards
  • Added number of turned in trade logs and total points redeemed for audit purposes
  • Added a list of plugins to install/uninstall in the admin panel
  • Changed layout to a much cleaner and user-friendly interface (comes in monochrome and coffee themes)
  • Fixed all pre-added games coding structure to reflect game management and multiple rewards setup
  • Fixed card count of rewards logs based on card worth if decks have more than 1 card worth
  • Added ability to set the amount of cards to display for Melting Pot and Card Claim via admin settings
  • Added ability to set the amount of decks to be released and wishes to be granted per update via admin settings
  • Added an @user function on an update’s comment. It will send a notification to the @’d user that they have been mentioned on a comment.
  • Added admin option to either automatically publish or draft the auto weekly updates.
  • Updated user account password hash security from md5 to password_hash.
  • Added PHP Mailer as an alternative if the mail() function is disabled and/or not available from the TCG’s hosting package.
  • Added a function to automatically generate the user’s starter pack when an admin manually adds the user via Stack admin panel.
  • If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here: