As mentioned about Stack, it is a linkware script and will remain to be so. Since it’s free and every TCG owner is free to use it, you don’t have to pay a single cent for it. That being said, some people have asked me about possibly sending something for the work I’ve done, hence, this page.

But why you should donate to Stack?
Aside from the appreciation for the time and effort that I’ve spent to work on this project, here is probably some Y-diagram that could help you:

  • More donation will give me more money
  • More money will allow me to buy more coffee and tea
  • More coffee and tea makes me write more code
  • More code means more features for you to enjoy
  • More features will make your TCG management more easier
  • The more easier a TCG to manage means more TCGs to own
  • More TCGs means a happy TCG community!

If you are interested to use Stack and find it very useful, please chip in! Your support will help me build a fine TCG management script and a better version of Stack. Feel free to send your donations through PayPal or Ko-Fi.

Thank you very much!
With , Aki~