Main Installation

Follow these step-by-step instructions if you are installing Stack for the first time.

  1. Create a database first to use for Stack. You can do this via your server’s control panel under the MySQL Databases option. If you don’t have any control panel access, contact your host to make the database for you. Make sure to remember your database credentials since you will be needing them later on.
  2. Download the latest version of Stack from the website. Unzip or extract the file/archive to a temporary location on your hard drive. The unzipped archive must have the following structure:
  3. Go to the /admin folder and then open the class.lib.php file. Change the variables to match your database settings. If you don’t know what are the values of the database variables, ask your host for these. Below are the following explanation about these variables:
    $db_server – This is your host/account’s database server and usually it is localhost by default. However, some hosting providers have different database servers, like DreamHost—which is dependent on your host’s domain (e.g. mysql.domain.tld). So if localhost doesn’t work for you and the script tells you that it can’t connect to the server, ask your host for the correct values.

    $db_user – This is the username needed in order to connect to your Stack database. You should be able to get this correctly if you have created the database first or have asked for your host to create one for you.

    $db_password – This is the password needed to connect to your Stack database.

    $db_database – This is the name of the database for your Stack installation. This is where the corresponding tables needed for Stack will be stored.

  4. Copy all the files and folders of the unzipped archive into your website’s root path where you want to run your TCG. Kindly take note that Stack’s admin panel is located at the /admin folder, so all the PHP files outside this folder is what will be displayed on your main TCG’s site.
  5. Once done, direct your browser to run the /install folder and then follow the 3-step installation to setup your TCG. The supposed URL to run the install should be:
    If you have your TCG on a domain:
    If you have your TCG on a subdomain:
  6. If your installation is successful and all of the required tables (41 tables in total from the database) has been created—which must have a as a success indicator, click the Delete button to delete the /install folder and its files.
  7. At this point, your installation should be complete and you should be able to login to your account. Go to Stack’s admin panel and configure the rest of your TCG’s settings first (configuration, card categories, card sets, user levels and such) before adding cards and other stuff.