Stack is a fully customizable TCG script and it is somewhat different from other or current trading card game scripts, so please read the documentation in its entirety to know how to install, configure and use Stack to manage your TCG.

The usage of Stack will allow you to add basic pages for your TCG such as information about your TCG and such through the admin panel—pretty much a content management system like WordPress! However, there are some complex PHP scripts that aren’t allowed to be fully hosted via the database, hence, Stack comes with a list of snippets or plugins that you can add on your page, which will then be explained further.

Pro-tips and Hints

  1. Just like any other scripts, I will do my best to fully explain these documentations as neatly and as concise as possible for both installing and using Stack for your TCGs. Please do keep in mind that Stack is different from other scripts there is, so make sure to read the entirety of this documentation.
  2. Once Stack has been installed and you’re logged in on the admin panel, kindly read through whatever instructions there is on the documentations before you change anything. Although most of the input fields have their specific guidelines, they are brief and only stands as a reminder/notice. If you think a certain part of the script should be explained more, please feel free to suggest it to me through our community forum.
  3. Before converting TCGs that uses MyTCG or any other script to Stack, backup your databases first! You can do this by using phpMyAdmin or similar from your host and then Export the tables you have for your TCG. If you don’t have an access to your database, you will have to contact your host.