Frequently Asked Questions

Before you submit an error report or ask something technical, kindly please have a moment to read these frequently asked questions first and see if your question or inquiry has already been answered. If not, then feel free to ask via our Discord server or contact form.

Why there is no sidebar after installation? And I'm being redirected to the login page when I go to the admin panel.
This happens most of the time if the absolute path wasn’t filled up properly upon installation. Make sure your absolute path for your TCG follows your server’s root path format and do not forget to add a trailing slash at the end. Refer to the example below:


There is no layout after installation. Help!
Make sure to put in the correct path for your headers and footers. You won’t be able to do this via the admin panel since you won’t be able to login, so you have to manually edit it through your database on your tcg_settings table.


I'm getting broken images for cards and general images.
Make sure that your URL path for cards and images are correct and that you have uploaded your images to their right folders. Game images such as puzzles and hangman have separate folders. You can check where to upload game images by right-clicking the broken image and then click Open in new tab.