This page is the online documentation for Stack. Please do keep in mind that this is a continual work in progress, hence, it might appear to be somewhat bare for now.

Important Notice

Stack TCGMS is made available for free download, use, and modification as long as the and other notes found throughout the script remains intact and a link-back to is given in all sites where the script is running. Although the script may tend to be useful, it does not guarantee that it will neither be free from errors of any kind nor solve any coding-related problem that may occur.

Users of this script are prohibited to sell or distribute the script either in whole or in part, or offer paid installation without any written and explicit permission from me. That being said, users agree to hold me blameless from any liability directly or indirectly arising from the use of the script.

These terms may be subject to change at any time throughout the progress of Stack without prior notice and will still hold true for any earlier versions of the script and for any user of any version of the script.