Official Delta Release

The 1.0.5 Delta version of Stack CMS is now out! After a week of beta release, there were still some minor bugs that I wasn’t able to look through before and I’m so thankful to everyone on our Discord server for being a part of this beta release. I wouldn’t be able to see these bugs all by myself so a huge thank for all the bug reports and patience!

If you are going to do a fresh install using the Delta release, make sure to download the Full Install zip. If you are just going to upgrade from Beta to Delta release, download the Conversion zip. You can check the download links here.

Upgrading from 1.0.0 to 1.0.5

There are several files and folders that aren’t included in this conversion zip. This is to make sure that these existing files and folders won’t get overwritten when you upload. There hasn’t been any changes made on the database, except the addition of the deck_votes table which has already been shared on the partial release from the Discord server. Make sure that you already have that fix added! If not, kindly refer on our #error-report channel for the partial bug fix zip.

NOTE: Please make sure to backup everything if you have to, especially your database! If you have already made your own theme, backup those as well since the conversion zip still includes Stack’s generic themeā€”it also have its necessary changes, so make sure to apply those changes to your own theme too.