Stack 1.1.0 Beta Release

After 35 days, Stack 1.1.0 Beta is now out! There have been an addition of features that were pending before like the Member Decks. The previous releases had a lot of minor bugs that were easy to fix, which somewhat gave me a challenge due to the fact that not all servers works the same for each users. The most challenging part though, was making the script PHP 8-compatible. As PHP 8 is backwards compatible with its legacy versions, there are some codes that works fine with PHP 7, but not with 8.

If you are going to do a fresh install using the 1.1.0 Beta release, make sure to download the Full Install zip.
If you are just going to upgrade from 1.0.5 Delta to 1.1.0 Beta release, download the Conversion zip.
You can check the download links here.

Upgrading from 1.0.5 to 1.1.0

Since Stack has undergone a major script reconstruction, most of the files and folders must be overwritten and these are included in the conversion zip. Do check the contents of the conversion zip file first and see which folders are not included as these are the folders or files that you can keep.

Regarding the themes folder, since the new Gamma generic theme is added, the folder /theme has been renamed to /themes. If you have already made your own theme or had tweaked the Delta generic theme, make sure to keep a copy of those as well on your local drive!

NOTE: Please make sure to backup everything if you have to, especially your database! If you have already made your own theme, backup those as well since the conversion zip still includes Stack’s generic themeā€”it also have its necessary changes, so make sure to apply those changes to your own theme too.

P.S.: I have made last-minute addition on the upgrade script that I haven’t tested locally. So if the upgrade script didn’t work for you, kindly let me know as soon as possible! You should be able to get 8 rows of successful upgrades to 8 tables. If what you get is less than that, report immediately.

If you find any regression or critical bug, please report here:

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