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Stack is an online TCG management system created by Aki in September, 2016. The script is written in PHP and backed by MySQL database. This has been a fun project ever since the traditional TCG management scripts became deprecated and left unupdated. The idea just began formulating within her head when she was making her own bishounen TCG and just like inception, it became resilient and highly contagious.

Over the years of conception, designing algorithms and a bunch of + , Stack has progressed tremendously ever since.

Stack is distributed “as is” and the official support that Aki can provide to users is limited, although there can be some support from the forum found on this website that are maintained by other users.

Downloading and using Stack is free! After all, it was just simply born out of hobby and love for TCGs and web development.

A colorful mind.

Imagine and dream of progress.

Stack has drawn a line inside Aki’s mind when she was setting up her first TCG project. The idea just came out like lightning as she was struggling to set up her TCG—with her basically rewriting the old script to change the deprecated structure.

Having thought of features that any TCG management script lacks, how to make it work and how to make TCG management easy; big or small, the lightning was followed by the sound of a thunder.



Building blocks.

Perseverance is the key.

Even with minimal programming knowledge when it comes to full web development, Aki never stopped to learn the loops and gain more experience about PHP and MySQL—all by herself. Stack were being designed and added with TCG-related features that are currently done manually via forums by other big TCG owners.

Spiced motivation.

Gaining recognition from friends.

Aki then created her second TCG using Stack! As a personal experience compared to her first TCG, the second one became so much easy to handle with Stack—all she have to worry about is creating decks and other minimal management such as event or member cards creation.

With her second TCG’s features, Stack has gained recognition from the members; some even wanted to try out Stack for their TCGs. This gave her the motivation she need to continue working on Stack; make it more user-friendly, add more features and all.

By the end of December, Rheanna and Taty finally joined Stack’s development team as contributors!



Flying with colors.

It keeps improving and growing.

As of today, Stack has been improving with more content management features and some of the aspiring TCG owners are getting interested to build their TCGs using Stack. The dream of making our hobby be managed easily with love and fun is finally coming true.